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Springboard FutureChef

It’s time to turn up the heat! If you’re aged between 12 and 16, keen to learn more about cooking and want to be part of the UK’s biggest cooking initiative, then Springboard FutureChef is for you!

It’s a four-stage, nationwide competition that’s designed to help young people like you learn about food and how to cook. It inspires you to explore food and cooking as a life skill and, so far, has given more than 34,000 young people a taste of the culinary world.

Not only does it give you a unique insight into the world of catering, it also gives you some top advice on the career options available to you and how to get started.

Springboard FutureChef is run by the Springboard charity, which we sponsor alongside a whole calendar of activities that help young people to access skills development and careers advice in the hospitality sector.

Inspired to find out more? Then reach for your apron and get started at