If you love people and take pride in everything you do, we’ll love you for it.

Application & Assessment Process

We have Graduate opportunities all over the UK. And as you can imagine, we do get a lot of applications. So it’s really important that we get to know you as best as we can. After all, it takes a special kind of graduate to succeed here – and, of course, it’s important that we’re the right employer for you too.

That’s why we like to use a range of selection tools to find out if we’re the right fit. Each of the different stages helps us to build a better picture of you – and it gives you all the opportunities you need to show us what you can do.

Just note that this is the application process for the Graduate Development Programme – there’s a slightly separate one for the Finance Programme.

It all starts by applying via the link below

If you’ve gained, or are expecting to gain, a 2:1 degree, you’ll be welcome to apply – it doesn’t really matter what subject you studied. Your first step will be to tell us a few basic facts about yourself and upload your CV. And remember, it isn’t just good grades we look for. We want to see all the work experience, or even volunteering work, you’ve got under your belt. Anything you can think of that makes you stand out.

Online test

Then, if we like what we see, we’ll invite you to take part in an online ability test. You can complete this at home, at university, or wherever you may be – just make sure you’re in a quiet space and have a good internet connection.

Video interview

Next up is the video interview. You can complete it any time that suits you, so long as it’s before the deadline set. Just think of it as a normal interview – only you’ll be answering automated questions and filming them on your webcam or smartphone.

Assessment centre

If you get through to this stage, we like what we've seen so far – and we want to get to know you better. You’ll be invited to come and meet our team and some of our current grads at an assessment centre in London. There’ll be activities and tests to take part in throughout the day – it really is your big chance to shine!

And finally…

It might be on the day of the assessment centre, or it could be a short time after it, but by this point, we’ll be ready to offer you the job if we think you’re up to the task. But don’t worry if you don’t make it past this stage. Sometimes we’ll offer other, more suitable roles further down the line.

Now it’s over to you. Good luck!