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LinkedIn Advice

225 million professionals around the world and 12 million in the UK are on LinkedIn. And that’s increasing at a rate of about two people every second.

LinkedIn is a great, free service that enables you to network, research, get your face (and key achievements) seen and develop your professional presence and profile. You can even apply for a role with us on it. It’s where social networking grows up!

So, how do you make sure your online presence is working as hard as it can to promote all that you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

  • Start by going to All you need is your name and email address – or, to save time, you can sign up with your Facebook account. Once your on, you’ll get the opportunity to allow LinkedIn to search through your address book and send connection invites to the people you know. This will help you to quickly build your network.
  • Create your profile. And remember, this is how you want to be seen in the professional world. It’s where recruiters and colleagues you haven’t yet met will start to build a picture of you and make judgements based on your profile.
  • Your name and job title should be just that. Nicknames and made up job titles are a big no-no.
  • Give some serious consideration to your profile picture – and don’t leave it blank.
  • Make sure you write something in your summary page and make sure it’s genuine and interesting. The more you put into your profile, including examples of your work and endorsements, the more your profile will improve.
  • Consider who you connect with. A bigger network opens more avenues, but there may be people who want to use your information for their own gains – and you don’t want to annoy people you don’t know by asking them to connect with you.
  • Remember to share your LinkedIn link with us! You can find us here.