Our people are the best. Our service is out of this world. And our career development is second to none.

Our People

One of the best things about Compass Group UK & Ireland is the sheer diversity of people we bring together. But, no matter how different we all might be or what roads have led us here, there are some similar characteristics that we all share.

Most notably, we’re people people, we love working together and sharing our experiences and success. We’re caring people, we’ll go out of our way to support and look after each other. Always. And, we’re ambitious people, because whatever it is we’re doing, we always strive to be the very best at it.

To be honest though, the best way to find out what Compass people are like is to hear from them yourself. So here are some of our finest, to tell you their story and give you the inside track on what it’s really like to work here…