If you love people and take pride in everything you do – we’ll love you for it.

Why Compass?

The question isn’t ‘why Compass Group UK & Ireland?’ – it’s ‘why not?’ Because, rarely do you find an organisation, as large and varied as ours, offering so many different people, with so many different backgrounds, hopes and dreams, the same level of opportunity to achieve successful and rewarding careers. So, if you possess ambition, a strong people focus and a great work ethic – you will go really far with us.

Here at Compass Group UK & Ireland, our people drive every single aspect of our business. And we love that! It’s why we place your needs at the forefront of every single thing we do. Because we believe that if you’re happy and satisfied in your career it shows. And, that that happiness and satisfaction will be reflected in the high levels of service and care you show each other, our clients and their customers.