It’s what we strive for. If you do too then feel special, achieve more and find a better way to work with us.

Culture, Vision & Values

What you do and how you do it says a lot about a company. And, you’ll find at Compass Group UK & Ireland, we have a very distinct way of doing things indeed. We believe it’s what, over the years, has made us the success story we are. We also think it’s what has helped us to attract and keep such a wide mix of fabulously talented, friendly and up for it people! 

Our Vision

Is to be a world-class provider of contract foodservice and support services, renowned for our great people, our great service and our great results.

Our Values

Talking about ‘values’ can provoke different reactions in different people. Some find company values hard to relate to, while others struggle to work out what the point of having them actually is. Well, for us, our values are what bring us together as a company.

If we all buy into them and live and breathe them every day, they'll unite us through our approach to work, life and each other. Beyond this, our values just make sense really, so we hope they’ll become as much a part of your life as they are ours. We value:


We want all relationships to be based on honesty, respect, fairness and openness in the way we talk to each other.


We work as a team, encourage individual responsibility, value the expertise each person brings to their role and to Compass Group UK & Ireland, and work to share good ideas.


We genuinely care about delivering superior food and service, and we’re proud of this.


We say ‘yes’ to every challenge, no matter what it takes to meet it, and we’re all aware of how this makes us a commercial success.


We’re responsible for everything we do, personally and as a group, and work to positively impact our customers’ health and well-being, and the communities we live and work in.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Vision and Values capture in words the spirit of Compass Group UK & Ireland. They help to explain what we aspire to be, what we believe is important and what we want to be known for. And, all of these things are ultimately underpinned by what we call our guiding principles. Which, if we all focus on, will help us to keep on growing from strength to strength. They are:

  • To put safety, health and the environment first
  • To deliver for our clients and consumers
  • To develop our people and value diversity
  • To focus on profitable growth
  • To constantly focus on performance and efficiency

If we get all this right, then we won’t go too far wrong.