Don’t stop learning, developing or creating. See how far you can go.

Learning & Development

As you can imagine, with so many people working across Compass Group UK & Ireland, in so many different roles – there’s a lot of learning and development going on at any one time!  So whatever level or area you join us in, when it comes to progressing your career, you can be sure there will be an opportunity for you.

We believe it’s our duty to give you a great start in your career with us and, however experienced you are, we’ll help you develop your skills and realise your full potential. With this in mind, we have a diverse range of flexible learning solutions, designed specifically to help you achieve as much as possible in your role - and to help you open a few new doors too. 

How it works

Whatever level you’re at, you’ll be supported through your career at Compass by progressing through these three sections:

Great Start

Is for when you’re new to your role. It helps you to focus on getting all the basics right and gain a real understanding of what you’re expected to do, how to behave and all the essential health and safety requirements. 

Developing Skills

Once you’ve completed Great Start and feel more established in your role, it’s time to look at up-skilling and taking your particular knowledge and experience further. Developing Skills identifies key areas of your role, where, if you learnt more about them, you could become better at what you do.

Realising Potential

Once you have met and exceeded the skills expected in your current role, you will be supported to progress through a talent programme designed to help you step up to the next level in your career. For example, a frontline administrator would realise their potential by becoming a supervisor, a supervisor would realise theirs by becoming a unit manager – and so on…

Our Learning and Development Promise

Everyone who joins us wants something different from their career. Perhaps you’re an ambitious high flyer, who wants to take their career as far as they can, as fast as they can and earn as much money as possible along the way. And that’s great! Or maybe you’re looking for a good job that fits around your life and have no intention of climbing a career ladder. We’re perfectly fine with that too. Which is why all our learning and development options are tailored to you and your needs. We won’t push you into anything. But we will offer you plenty of opportunities and our ongoing support if you want it.

We promise to…

Put you first

Stand out from the crowd with learning and development. Our range of industry recommended programmes is broad enough to help you develop your career, whatever shape you want it to take.

Keep it simple

Getting where you want to be isn’t always simple, but finding the right path needn’t be hard. We’re approachable, easy to work with and – most importantly – we’re focused on helping you get to where you want to be.

Make it matter

Happier people make better teams, and better teams make a healthier, more profitable business. Simple. Our goal is to boost business by helping you to fulfill your individual potential.

Look ahead

We’re in it for the long haul. Here to support you from the day you leave school until retirement. Our courses and programmes are built to last. We’re not afraid of change, embracing new technology and evolving with you.

In it together

Building your career is like nurturing a plant: you need the right atmosphere. With a combination of expert advice and room to grow, our environment is designed with you in mind.

At every stage of your career a dedicated ‘Skills Development’ team will support you with any number of learning methods. These include workshops, distance learning, e-learning, individual coaching and sponsored external study. Your managers will also play a big part in helping you in your learning as, through the appraisal process, they’ll work with you to agree a clear, structured career development plan.